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Termites are the most destructive pests found in homes. These persistant creatures are constantly foraging for new sources of food. No matter whether your home is made of wood, brick, stone or stucco, termites can find a way inside.

They construct shelter tubes through foundation cracks and expansion joints, along plumbing and electrical penetrations, along the slab exterior, behind stucco and veneer, and anywhere wood meets the ground. Because they work from the inside out, you likely won't see signs of infestation until the damage is done. And the damage can be considerable.

Because every home is different, Patriot professionals will look for more than signs of termites. They will take into account your home's age, configuration and construction as well as other features which help determine which treatment method is right for you.

The Termite Liquid Treatment provides for immediate control of termites by creating a treatment zone at key entry points around and through your home's foundation.

The Termite Baiting System brings the latest in baiting technology, an advanced weapon in the war on termites. Baiting targets termites at their source, helping to prevent infestations and can even eliminate the entire colony.